Payroll Solutions

Payroll Nightmares keeping you awake at night?  

Payroll won't wait.  People want to be paid, and the IRS wants its portion, too.  Payroll Relief AC by Richard A.White, PC is a completely flexible, internet-based system designed with you in mind.  Simply log onto our secure website, enter the hours for your employees, and in just a few mouse-clicks, payroll checks are rolling out of your printer.  No more waiting for the overnight truck, and praying it won't be late.

Tax deposits can be done electronically, right from your computer.  In addition, we offer direct deposit, at no additional cost to you or to your employees!

When quarter-end and year-end reports are due, a few more mouse-clicks and your signature-ready forms are printed, again from your own computer.

Too much work?  Not a problem.  We can handle every aspect of your payroll, from printing checks to quarterly reporting, W-2's and tax deposits.  

In fact, we can even offer you back-up for key personnel:  your payroll staff.  Let us cover your payroll needs during vacations, sick leave, or every week.  The choice is yours

Our cost-effective solutions can be tailored to your needs. Whether you are high-tech or low-tech, we're here to help.